Los Angeles Rams Stadium Graphics
The ask was a big one: To turn every Los Angeles Rams moment into an expressive brand experience, and influence Angelenos with memorable interactions. And with their inaugural season at SoFi stadium and the new Rams brand identity being unveiled at the same time, all eyes were going to be on this important moment in the team's history.

As SoFi stadium was being built and the Los Angeles Rams prepared for their epic move, a question loomed: How can you leverage 70,000 square feet of stadium screens including the largest, two-sided screen in the world—to create an entirely new fan experience? What new stories could be told in completely new wavs?

The canvas, called the “Oculus” included the highest resolution screen ever, one that has never existed until now. The screens are so large, with the main oculus video board screen spanning the entire length of the field, that content could easily become an attack on the senses—or if done well, an emotional, visceral and enveloping experience.

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