The ask for this project was simple: Create beautiful product imagery for the Smalls brand to use across their website and online retail partner sites. 
The catch: Do this without using practical photography—visualize each product utilizing 3D design, rendering and compositing. 
Working directly with the Smalls creative team, we partnered together to design the visual language for their new product offerings via 3D renders to use in the relaunch of their website and visual brand and product language. 
The deliverables span across fresh food packs, broth packs, retail shipper boxes, their Smallsware™ fresh food storage system, and much more in a variety of flavors, textures, and colors. The Smalls creative team also needed a toolkit of editable files at their disposal to quickly swap different label designs, color-ways, and food textures as they are developing everything in real-time. 
My role in this project was full responsibility of 3D design, visualization and rendering, all the way through to compositing, retouching, and delivery of assets including mockup toolkit templates for the client's use. 

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