USPS - Irresistible Mail

Dinosaurs and Aliens! An immersive showcase of the U.S. Postal Service destroying the myth that mail is old news.

Working with the incredible team at Sarofsky, I had the pleasure of doing 2D/3D animation and compositing for the U.S. Postal Service's Irresistible Mail campaign. This series of videos demonstrates the USPS capabilities in emerging marketing technologies such as AR (Augmented Reality), NFC, QR. Everything is showcased on the Webby Award Winner + People's Voice website
From Sarofsky: "The website from MRM//McCann New York for the U.S. Postal Service destroys the myth that mail is old news by showcasing the latest innovations, case studies and digital technologies to turbo-charge your next direct mail campaign. To fully engage visitors and demonstrate all the possibilities, MRM invited Sarofsky to create seven different demos that are now featured throughout the site."
The two videos embedded below show the main two pieces I worked on. In Evolved, I animated and composited both the dinosaurs, type lockup, and volcano elements. In Cinematic, I animated and composited the end type lockup and alien footage elements with added FX. 
Full credits go the amazing team at Sarofsky and agency MRM//McCann. See the amazing website and press release below:

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