Draw draw draw draw! For Back-to-School, the Bubble Guppies go gaga over their new pencil cases in this interstitial music video for Nickelodeon. 
During my internship as a Motion Designer at Primal Screen over the summer of 2013, I had the privilege of working on many projects with many inspiring people. This fun project came about as a music video and back-to-school promo for Nickelodeon. The Bubble Guppies star in this music video parody, Pencil Case, inspired by Lady Gaga's Pokerface. For this one minute spot, I had the honor of acting as a director, designer, 3D modeler & lighter, animator, and compositor. 
Design Director: Lauren Fundora 
3D Animation Director: Shane McGee 
Cinema 4d Animators: Lauren Fundora, Dakota Hopkins 
Cinema 4d Texturing, Lighting and Rendering: Lauren Fundora, Dakota Hopkins 
Maya Animators: Shane McGee, Fumi Yozawa, Rob "Vegas" Shetler, Jonathan Brown, Leonard Nicholas 
Maya Texturing, Lighting and Rendering: Shane McGee, Fumi Yozawa, Patrice Needham 
Compositors: Lauren Fundora, Shane McGee, Dakota Hopkins 
Executive Producer: Hunter Matheson 
Producer: Laura Green

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