MODE is a fictional motion design conference based around Ringling College of Art + Design in Sarasota, Florida. Choosing to focus the conference show packaging around shape, form, light, and energy, I conceptualized and designed a pitch to brand the 2015 MODE Conference. 
Concept Statement
Shape & Form: Explore basic geometric shapes and interesting lighting patterns that evoke movement, emotion, and potential energy. 
Starting with the logo (designed by Sarah Johnson), I created a style guide of typography + color, and then designed and developed everything from promotional poster mailers, a title sequence, access credentials, a website, and shirt. 
The poster and title sequence imagery is built atop abstract geometric assets created in Cinema 4D, rendered out physically, composited and color corrected/graded in Photoshop, and then type added to communicate the information for the conference. The type system and mailer assets were all designed in Illustrator. 
Promotional poster / mailer: poster side
Promotional poster / mailer: info side
Promotional poster / mailer: spread layout
Title Sequence
Access credentials for the conference

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