This project was completed for the Baltimore Orioles baseball stadium jumbotron. Utilizing footage of the Orioles players shot on green screen with the RED Scarlet, I composited the keyed plate into a universe of smoke and fire trails. The player comes into the swing as everything slows down. Smoke and fire trails light and follow the bat to illuminate the Home Run type and emphasize the intense moment of a hitter's swing and hit. It all comes together through visual effects and compositing to highlight a small but incredible moment in baseball. Completed during my Animation III course at Ringling College of Art + Design.
Breakdown and process below.
Green Screen Footage / Keyed Alpha Matte / Final Composite / 3D Card Composition
• Shoot player footage on RED Scarlet
• Process and export EXR sequence from footage
• Key and generate alpha matte from green screen plate
• Color correct keyed plate
• Add background smoke and "Home Run" typography in 3D space
• Track player's bat motion and generate 3D data
• Interpret bat data into more expressive animation
• Add flame and smoke trails FX to follow bat animation
• Add shadows to type and player, flame, and smoke trails
• Occlude flame+smoke trails from player's head
• Final color correction and look, lens distortion, chromatic aberration, and film grain
• Put final plates and FX into 3D space with card
• Animate 3D camera movement into card
• Animate type and player intro/outro
• Add sound effects, environment sounds, and music
• Render
GIF of VFX Breakdown
Nuke Script

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