Motion Design 2015 Senior Gallery Show

Each year at Ringling College every major exhibits their senior thesis work. This year we were tasked with branding the Motion Design 2015 Senior Class Gallery Show. Our concept and inspiration was to bathe everything in a slightly modernized 1990’s graphic feel. With the average age of our graduating class at twenty three, we all grew up in through this iconic and nostalgic period. Focused around the adolescent years of technology and the internet, we created a bold and striking branding package including a main event logo, opening titles, poster designs and dozens of 90’s inspired gifs. In addition to branding the entire event, we also developed a marketing campaign through social media and large disruptive art installations across campus while also curating the gallery space and converting it into a 90’s branded club to showcase our senior class. The show was an incredible success with over 600 people in attendance on opening night. This smashed attendance records at Ringling and we attribute this greatly to our creative use of social media and alternative marketing to bring out the crowd.

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